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Fairness in the American Taxation System Essay Example for Free

Fairness in the American Taxation System Essay The hot topic in America right now is taxation. While many members of society believe the current taxing system is fair, others believe it is not. The President, congress, and the senate try their hardest to work together to please the entire population with all of the reforms they make. Not only is paying taxes mandatory for American citizens, it is a public duty. The reason people are required to pay tax is because the government uses the money collected to support the country Americans live, breath, and work in. Taxes are like a form of rent. With our country being as diverse as it is, there are many people that cannot survive on their own nor pay any sort of taxes. The most common reason for persons not being able to pay up is disability. It is up to the rest of the citizens of the United States to help support this percentage of people that are not able to work. Since these people are unable to work and provide for their families, the government created a social program called Welfare. This program is very special and gives security to the people receiving it for a better, poverty-free life. Another program for the underprivileged is called Medicaid. Similar to Welfare, this gives insurance to people that cannot afford to pay medical bills, etc. The type of tax that is currently in play in the United States is called Progressive tax; the more you earn the more you pay. â€Å"The new economy rich often favor tax increases because, in contrast to Republicans and their business backers, they enthusiastically support increased government spending on education, health care, and scientific research† (Callahan, David 14). While some say this is not just, obviously the government, congress, and voters believe so. Some people believe it to be fair because the rich have more to offer then the poor; they work hard for their money and have a lot to show for it. Federal taxes this year will approach $3,300 a person. To tax everyone equally is out of the question. Many individuals and families cannot possibly bear a Federal tax of $3,300 per capita. So government must treat people, not equally but unequally. Harriss, Lowell 271) It would be unfair and brutal for a poor family in our country to pay the same amount of money in taxes as the wealthiest family in America. Tax increases on the rich would not be punishment nor unfair, â€Å"They worry about poor people and pollution. They want government to make sure that Americans have the kind of education they need to compete in the global economy† (Callahan, David 13). Although all citizens would not be taxed the same amount annually, the progressive sys tem gives each citizen the right to live a blessed life. Regarding making the taxation system â€Å"simple, equal, and fair,† (Simple 42) â€Å"fulfilling all of these objections is challenging† (Simple 42). No Matter how the law of taxation is set, there will always be people to protest and their will always be people to challenge the system. â€Å"Degrees of fairness in taxation cannot possibly be measured, but we can often sense that one condition is nearer than another to the concept we have in mind† (Harriss Lowell 271). Reasonable, humane, productive, creative, generous, innovative persons – voters embodying the attributes we admire – and persons embodying the attributes we consider destructive of the good life – envy, spite, greed, profligacy, short-sightedness, selfishness – will probably have different views about a fair scale of progression. (Harriss Lowell 273) The types of admirable views listed above show that progressive tax is truly the best decision for America. Not only is it the right choice in equality, but it is morally well-rounded. Most of the taxes we pay go to citizens that are deprived of money. The government ensures that the money taken out of an individuals check is put to good use. Other taxes go to support the entire country. If taxes did not exist, it would be every man for himself and our economy would be a disaster. Without a progressive taxation system, America would not be as strong as it is today. There would be an even bigger difference between the wealth and poverty line. People travel all over the world to come to the United States to achieve the â€Å"American Dream,† and the government’s law of taxation allows individuals to do just that.

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Why The Ideas Of Karl Marx Were So Radical To Society :: History Politics Political

Why The Ideas Of Karl Marx Were So Radical To Society The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, provided the views of Karl Marx on humans and nature. For the time in which the document was written, the ideas of Marx were very radical to society. The ongoing struggle between the Proletarians( the working class) and the Bourgeois( the owners) prompted Marx to develop a solution to this social problem. His solution to this historical problem was to create a capitalist nation, which in the end would result in a Communist nation. He wanted to help the social status of the working class, because he felt that they were being taken advantage of by the owners. The document also discusses the role of humans and their interaction with nature. Marx believed that society was beginning to break away from nature as a source of economical support. In the past, humans had relied heavily on agriculture to support themselves but with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, new technology began to replace old farming techniques and created new factory jobs in cities. Marx had rather extreme views on the extent to which nature in his time had become humanized as a result of human labor.[1] He commented that, â€Å" Even the objects of the simplest â€Å" sensuous certainty† are only given him through social development, industry and commercial intercourse.†[2] "Throughout their labor, humans shape their own material environment, thereby transforming the very nature of human existence in the process.†[3] One had always seemed to know their role in society. It was Marx who believed that this was true due to a capitalistic economy. One’s wants and needs were different from society to society. For instance, a person with a higher social status would not have the same needs as a peasant living on a farm would. Marx felt that human nature could not be changed in contrast to what many economists believed. In a capitalistic economy, men were the ones who received the wages while women earned little to nothing. To put an end to the ongoing struggle between social classes, Marx believed that a new form of government would have to be established, this he called Socialism. 4 He wanted to see the working class join together to fight the owners, for in order for a society to grow, people would need to begin working together. Marx recognized the struggles of the classes, especially those of the middle class.

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Adolsent Habits of Spending Money Essay

I think that many people are familiar with the economic crisis that has plagued the front of newspapers and run rampantly across countless television news networks throughout the day. Billions of dollars are flying around to help businesses in hope of avoiding a catastrophic financial meltdown. A barrel of oil has dropped to the lowest price anyone has seen in months, and multibillion-dollar companies are crashing into the rocks. In all honesty I really don’t have any opinion on the financial crisis. Of course I know the economy is failing. I see the stock market plunging and then slowly coming up for breath and quickly plunging once more, but in my mind this really doesn’t affect me because I don’t know what I am looking at. It doesn’t interest me, and I almost forget that it exists at times because I don’t have anything invested and I didn’t lose anything but 20 minutes in a day sitting on the couch watching some numbers drop. This is by far not the healthiest way to perceive something as serious as this. I really only care about financial aid as of now, which is quickly dwindling by the way, in the hope that when I finally leave this place and move on with whatever I plan to do to make a little money in my life, I will not have to pay anything for a college education. Second on my list is surviving until that point, and I plan to take it from there — what I have always done through financial turbulence and what many others should begin to think about. So when I read an article in the New York Times yesterday titled, â€Å"The Frugal Teenager, Ready or Not† written by Jan Hoffman, I was quite intrigued. It seems that most teenagers are being spoiled to an extravagant degree. Parents have had success in their lives after the late 1980s, ultimately giving them the ability to care for their children and essentially give their kids whatever they ask for, generally. I can admit I was spoiled as a child and when I was a teenager as well. My parents have done everything to their ability, and so have many other parents. What interests me more than anything is that many of the teenagers in this article took spending less on designer clothes or whatever else teenagers want as an insult. Many of these kids have never been told no and they really don’t like the sound of it. This is fairly sad. I know that parents want the best for their children and feel the need to do whatever they possibly can for them. This is perfectly understandable, but I believe that it has gone way too far, and the fact that it takes an economic meltdown that debilitates the United States and erases millions of people’s savings, investments, bank accounts and jobs to actually say no to privileged children is quite ridiculous. What does this really mean, though? Nothing. I guess that 20 years of good fortune has led parents to think that their financial situation would stay pretty much consistent, and the cash crunch got the better of them. My parents experienced this almost 15 years ago when my mom lost her job. When a family’s budget goes from over $100,000 a year to less than $30,000, it is quite unimaginable. Your standard of living is completely pulled out from underneath of you and the only way to continue is to move on. I had to be said no to — quite often actually — and it has done me well, and the teenagers today do not seem to know what money is. The only way to reverse this is to simply tell them there are going to be cutbacks and you will have to sacrifice just as much as we do. I was surprised by some of the teenager’s reactions, though. They seem as though they actually care about helping their parents in this difficult situation, which is quite relieving, by agreeing to a lower spending limit, shopping at lower brand stores and helping out with household chores to earn their allowance. This is how it should be. The value of a child growing up with responsibility is the greatest gift a parent could possibly give to his or her child, and instead of a teenager entering a completely new world after graduating high school and moving on to college or right into the workforce, they will actually realize that the world just isn’t something in Google Earth. The responsibility that my friends and I have learned while we were teenagers is priceless, and I wouldn’t trade making food for a bunch of tourists 40 or 50 hours a week when I was barely able to work for anything.

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Essay on Business Ethics - 779 Words

Kristine Martin Business Ethics Unit 3 Case Summary -China, India, and Wal-Mart: Issues of Price, Quality, and Sourcing:: Case Questions: 1. What are the ethical issues associated with Wal-Mart’s extensive sourcing of low-cost products from China? Wal-Mart pricing is too low. As the worlds largest retailer, Wal-Mart leverages its huge orders to convince factories to sell goods at low prices that are not sustainable. This puts pressure on other brands to pay less, thereby setting a dangerous industry precedent. According to Correspondent Hedrick Smith: â€Å"We heard that story again and again from American manufacturers in sectors as diverse as electronics, apparel, bicycles, furniture, and textiles. They expressed private†¦show more content†¦In the first national independent poll of Wal-Mart associates, conducted by Lake Research Partners in May and June of 2011, concerns about staffing levels were broadly cited by associates among top three things they would change with the company, after higher pay and more respect on the job. Among the other findings: * Nearly  ¾ say understaffing has created problems such as stock-outs, messy stores and poor customer service; * In contrast to company statements regarding high levels of employee satisfaction, 84% say they would take a better job if they could find one *  ½ say they are living paycheck to paycheck; only 14% describe their household as living comfortably. Across the country the reductions in staffing have translated into significantly increased workloads. A few examples convey the scale of the changes: * An associate in the electronics department in Southern California: â€Å"There used to be four or five people in consumer electronics at any given time, now it’s one or two;† * An associate in overnight stocking in Southern California: â€Å"I used to do five pallets a night, now they say I have to do 12;† * A former assistant manager in Seattle: â€Å"Our store used to have about 600 employees, now it’s about 350.† (Marshall) WhatShow MoreRelatedBusiness Ethics : Ethics And Business943 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscussions in Business is Ethics. Some people believe that the decisions businesses make in interest of the business has no place in ethics and that they are essentially amoral. These businesses believe that their main objective is to simply make a profit and that it does not affect the success of the business. Whereas some businesses believe that they have to take ethics into consideration, in order for their business to be a success. Richard T. De George (1999) states that ethics and business do notRead MoreThe Ethics Of Business Ethics1471 Words   |  6 PagesReview Nowadays, the concern for business ethics is growing rapidly in the business community around the world. Business ethics are focused on the judgment of decisions taken by managers and their behaviors. The issue regarding these judgments is the norms and cultures that shape these judgments. Business ethics are concerned about the issue, how will the issue be solved and how will it move ahead along the transition analysis as well (Carroll, 2014). Business ethics can be addressed at differentRead MoreEthics And Ethics Of Business Ethics1304 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Ethics Varun Shah University of Texas at Dallas Business Ethics Morals are a crucial part of life. Without having principles one would never be able to distinguish the right from wrong and good from evil. Just as it applies to life in general, ethics is an integral part of doing business as well. When we here the term Business Ethics in our work place, we usually do not take it seriously and brush it off saying ‘it’s just a simple set of basic rules like not cheating and so on’. ThisRead MoreThe Ethics Of Business Ethics Essay1097 Words   |  5 PagesResource A discusses how ethics is crucial in business. There are three key ideas used to understand this. Firstly, making ethically wrong decisions tend to cause more upset than other general mistakes as purposeful unethical actions are not as easily forgiven or forgotten. Secondly, ethics provides businesses with a broader understanding of everything to do with their business. Business ethics is effectively just business it its larger human context. Thirdly, being unethical ca n tarnish the publicRead MoreThe Ethics Of Business Ethics1064 Words   |  5 Pages    Business Ethics Ethics can be viewed as the rules and values that determine goals and actions people should follow when dealing with other human beings. However, business ethics can be defined as moral principles of a business. It examines moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Generally, it has both normative and descriptive dimensions. Organization practice and career specialization are regarded as normative whereas academics attempting to understand business behaviourRead MoreThe Ethics Of Business Ethics757 Words   |  4 Pagesdeciding what to do in certain situations, ethics is what guides an individual to act in a way that is good, or right. Those involved in business settings apply ethics to business situations, known as business ethics. It is expected of businesses, small and large, to follow business ethics. There is a particular framework businesses are to follow. However, the reoccurring news headlines of poor business ethics prove differently. Poor busine ss ethics include bribery, corporate accounting scandalsRead MoreEthics And Ethics Of Business Ethics1200 Words   |  5 PagesEthics meaning in simple way for average person is what is right from wrong. According to Chris MacDonald (2010)† Ethics† can be defined as the critical, structured examinations of how we should behave - in particular, how we should constrain the pursuit of self-interest when our actions affect others. â€Å"Business ethics is the applied ethics discipline that address the moral features of commercial activity (Business ethics, 2008).Working in ethical way in business has a lot of benefits which can attractRead MoreBusiness Ethics Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding Business Ethics Unit 37: National Diploma Assignment brief TASK 1: Scenario: Business ethics - a study of a selected company With growing interest among consumers regarding the business ethics of the businesses brands that consumers buy, Westminster council wants to conduct an independent review of some of the organisations that sell their goods and services in the borough. You have been asked to select one of the following brands and conduct research into their business ethics. Read MoreThe Ethics Of The Business Ethics1431 Words   |  6 Pages BUSINESS ETHICS INTRODUCTION:- Presentation Ethics are exceptionally regular and essential good esteem that helps us to take the right choice where we think that it hard to pick between our own advantages and the correct thing to do. We are going to talk about three sections of morals Behavioral morals, Bounded ethicality and last one is irreconcilable situation. As from the names of these parts of morals, its verging on clarifying the significance of it. It clarifies why great individualsRead MoreThe Ethics Of Business Ethics Essay2711 Words   |  11 PagesBusiness Ethics Business ethics is a type of professional ethics or applied ethics which examines moral problems and ethical principles that come up in a corporate environment. It is applied to every aspect of conducting business. According to Milton Friedman, a company has the responsibility to generate as much revenue as it can while still conforming to the basic rules that society has set. These rules include the ones embodied in customs as well as in law. Similarly, Peter Drucker stated that